MRI of the lumbar spine.
             Technique:  Sagittal T1 and T2.  Axial with angled sections 
             parallel to the intervertebral disc margins from the L1-2 to 
             the L5-S1 levels.
             Findings:  There is a loss of T2 disc signal compatible with 
             disc dessication present at multiple levels, most prominently 
             L4-5 and L5-S1.  At the L5-S1 level, there is accompanying 
             high grade loss of disc height.  There are bulges of the 
             annulus fibrosis at every level, from L1-2 to L5-S1.  At the 
             L5-S1 level there is an accompanying anterior disc herniation 
             with a covering bony osteophyte.  In the sagittal plane, the 
             central canal is suggested to be developmentally not 
             capacious.  In the axial plane, there is, however, no 
             suggestion of canal stenosis.  Normal appearance of the conus 
             and cauda equina.  No intradural abnormalities.  No neural 
             foraminal or paraspinal mass.  The marrow signal changes are 
             present at the inferior endplate of L5 and superior endplate 
             of S1, which appears degenerative secondary to the adjacent 
             disc pathology.  The marrow signal is otherwise normally 
             maintained.  No compression deformities.
             Impression:  Multi level disc dessication and annular bulging 
             with superimposed disc herniation at L5-S1.  A focally 
             herniated disc fragment or canal stenosis is not seen.
             Thank you for the courtesy of this referral.