Ms. Mary McIntyre
             444 84th Drive
             Malden, U.S.A.
             Dear Ms. McIntyre:
                       I am writing to confirm my speaking engagement in 
             your town on Thursday, November 27th.  I will be staying at 
             the Federal Heights Hilton from Wednesday, November 26th 
             until Friday, November 28th.  I trust that the appropriate 
             accommodations will be made before my arrival.
                       I will be speaking on the topic of gun control in 
             small towns.  My speech will be approximately thirty minutes, 
             after which I will take questions from the audience.  I will 
             be accompanied by a member of my staff, Ms. Lisa Chin, who 
             will oversee the arrangements at the hall.  
                       I look forward to meeting with you and expect a 
             successful outcome to this venture.
                       Very truly yours,
                       Tom Jeter
                       Mayor of Malden
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