Director of Personnel 
                    Division of Parole
                    14 Court Street 
                    Malden, U.S.A.
                                                                               Claimant:  Cherise Vaughan.
                                                                               Claimant's title:   Parole officer.  
                    Dear Sir:  
                         In order to determine the status of the application 
                    for disability retirement filed by the above named member, 
                    we need the following information:  
                         1.  The date for which she last received salary from 
                    your agency.  If still receiving salary, please advise and 
                    disregard questions 2 and 3. 
                         2.  A.  Has the member been granted an approved 
                    medical leave of absence since last day paid?  If so, when 
                    did the leave begin? 

                             B.  Has the member received payments under 
                    Worker's Compensation since last date paid?  If yes, when 
                    did payments cease?  

                             C.  Has the member received payments from an 
                    employer funded disability since last date paid?  If yes, 
                    when did payments cease? 
                         3.  Has the member resigned from his position or been 
                    terminated from employment?  If yes, kindly state the 
                    date.  If no, please advise us of the status since she 
                    last received salary. 
                         An early reply directed to the attention of the 
                    disability benefits section will be appreciated. 
                                      Sincerely yours,
                                      Andrew Ostrovsky
                                      Director of Retirement Benefits

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