On the Boulevard
             All too quickly, we are approaching autumn and our meeting 
             schedule will resume.  The summer was a busy time on the 
             Boulevard, and a major graffiti removal plus general cleanup 
             was the highlight.  Thanks to the cooperative relationship 
             between the Civic Association and the Chamber of Commerce and 
             the Community Affairs Office, the Boulevard was beautified.  
             Maryanne and her family have been keeping up their end of the 
             bargain and when the opportunity arose for everyone to pitch 
             in, the response was great.  Paint was supplied by the Town 
             Clerk's office and the Post Office, and supplies came from 
             the office of Miranda Davis.  A special thank you to Malcolm 
             and Tawanda who organized the "Clean Teen" campaign.  A 
             community only thrives when everyone works together and the 
             Boulevard provides the value of a cooperative neighborhood 
             Our own Park Yi organized a chess tournament which was held 
             at Pulaski Park for the benefit of the American Heart 
             Association.  He raised over $600.  Park is a role model for 
             all of us to follow.  He also represented our organization at 
             a Disability Access seminar held by the Business Development 
             Center and is busy scouting locations needing wheelchair 
             access.  Way to go, Park!
             I wish to remind all of you that school is opening shortly 
             and our Public School 2 needs volunteers for crossing guard 
             and lunchroom duty.  Please contact Roberta Frasier in the 
             principal's office.
             September 12th is primary day and there are important choices 
             on the ballot.  Mayor Jeter is up for re-election and is 
             running against Miranda Davis, our District Leader.  The 
             choice is yours.  It only takes a few minutes and can have a 
             tremendous impact.
             Our next meeting is Thursday, September 24th at the Town 
             Hall.  We will have a presentation by Captain Stubbs on the 
             Community Police project.
             We also hope to have a response from our elected officials as 
             to why our electric rates averaged 15 percent higher than 
             elecric rates in Redfern County.  And the Malden Power 
             Company has indicated that gas rates will be doubling.  We 
             won't let them forget that they gave away gas units last 
             winter and advertised to convince thousands to switch from 
             oil heat to gas.  And now we are expected to keep quiet and 
             take financial abuse, and not make waves.   Well, this, my 
             friends is an election year and next year there will be even  
             more important elections.  Let us base our voting decisions 
             on who responds to our needs and let us pressure these 
             elected officials to do something new.
             We are also moving on preparing a response to the gas 
             pipeline issue.  Our president, Connor O'Connor will be 
             speaking on our behalf at the Town Hall meeting on Thursday.  
             We hope to see you all there so that we can make our voices 
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