In early April of this year, I went to 
                    Washington, D.C. during the Congressional 
                    hearings that Senator Burton chaired on 
                    autism and vaccines.  I presented a report to 
                    the PDD Advisory Board, which included a few 
                    moments of videos of some of the information 
                    presented.  Leading scientists, doctors and 
                    researchers from all over the world presented 
                    testimonies regarding what they saw as a 
                    direct connection between the rise in the 
                    number of required vaccines and the rise of 
                    the numbers of children diagnosed with 

                       Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a gastroenterologist 
                    from London, England, showed slides from the 
                    small intestines of autistic children with 
                    painful, inflamed bowels.  He explained this 
                    is a new syndrome, autistic 
                    enterpolycystitis.  The CDC and FDA did not 
                    believe there was enough evidence to suggest 
                    a link between the MMR vaccine and the rise 
                    in autism.  When it was revealed that some 
                    doctors on the panel that recommend vaccines 
                    for our children also work for various 
                    pharmaceutical companies, Senator Burton was 
                    appalled by the apparent conflict of 
                    interest.  He promised to pursue the matter. 

                       Leaders of the House Government Reform and 
                    Oversight Committee urge the United States 
                    Department of Health and Human Services to 
                    launch a new study into the alleged link. 

                       I wanted to keep you updated on the latest 

                       In July of this year, the President of 
                    Cure Autism Now, Albert Eniotti and 
                    Researchers Theresa Beanstock, Sally Bernard 
                    and others presented, testimony before the 
                    Congress regarding the 75 similar symptoms 
                    that mercury poisoning and autism share.  
                    Since that time, it has been agreed that 
                    mercury will be phased out of vaccines over 
                    the next two years, lowering the mercury 
                    toxicity that our children receive by 60 
                    percent.  There will be another hearing on this 
                    topic on October 19th. 

                       In September, I attended a Defeat Autism 
                    Now conference on the biological treatments 
                    for autism where protocols were discussed by 
                    various doctors and researchers.  They not 
                    only explained how toxicity breaks down the 
                    immune system, but presented reports of 
                    recovery.  They hoped to present a specific 
                    protocol for all pediatricians to use.  When 
                    autism is seen as a physiological premise 
                    rather than as a psychological condition, 
                    there is hope for change. 

                       The American Academy of Neurology says 
                    autistic infants are missing out on a 
                    potential early treatment because not enough 
                    primary care doctors are screening for the 
                    disorder.  The Academy and ten other medical 
                    groups are recommending all infants be 
                    screened for autism during routine checkups 
                    at their pediatrician's office.  Children who 
                    miss what experts call absolute milestones 
                    should be immediately evaluated.  Dr. Steven 
                    Ashford, the head of pediatric neurology at 
                    Loma Linda University in California says, 
                    quote, "In the past, doctors have been 
                    reluctant to label children autistic or run 
                    the risk of an incorrect diagnosis, partially 
                    because there was no precise method of 
                    diagnosing autism and partially because there 
                    is no current treatment,."  End of quote.  
                    Ashford hopes this report will establish a 
                    standard of care which includes screening for 
                    autism as well as a stronger mandate for 
                    insurance companies to cover testing and 
                    prescribed treatment that follows. 

                       As I understand it, the testing can be 
                    done in six minutes without alarming parents.  
                    According to the report, despite the rising 
                    prevalence of autism, only a minority of 
                    primary care doctors currently screen 
                    youngsters for the disease at regular 
                    checkups.  All 18 month old to 2 year old 
                    children should be tested for autism.
                    Thank you.