I'm Peter Paulson, the Deputy Mayor and Trustee of 
             Maldon Manor.  Before I start anything, I want to thank them 
             for allowing us to speak at this meeting and I also want to 
             thank Lori Herman, who did a tremendous job of getting 
             everyone out here today.  I don't know why, but we received 
             an extremely short notice, so did the newspapers also were 
             not notified, but we did get enough people out to talk about 
             the Malden Power pipeline. 
                       We had a presentation by Malden Power about the gas 
             pipeline at our board meeting.  They did a nice presentation, 
             they showed how they restored the park areas, they lay the 
             pipes that you never know that they've been done, and it is 
             just wonderful. 
                       I find this discussion extremely disappointing 
             tonight, that anyone would consider running a large gas line 
             through a residential area, as opposed to an uninhabited 
             parkland.  I have resided in this vicinity my entire life.  I 
             cannot understand how Malden Park opposite the golf course, 
             an area that has been used for the disposal of stolen cars, 
             washing machines, refrigerators, tires, rubbish and an 
             occasional body suddenly needs to be protected from any sort 
             of disturbance. 
                       Anyone in this room can remember countless times 
             going by and hearing either a fire engine or seeing a fire 
             along that area.  It's a perfect spot, still to this day they 
             dump stolen cars, insurance claim cars.  It is not a pristine 
             park.  I'd love to know where all of the environmental 
             concerns were when this park was being used for a dumping 
                       Malden Power has demonstrated how once the pipeline 
             is laid they restore the park areas.  Most of the times they 
             restore it better than it originally was.  If the concern is 
             about wildlife, it should be noted only a small portion of 
             the park will be disturbed.  They do not rip up the entire 
             park area.  It is a very small area and it will be completely 
                       It is funny to see anyone who is going to place the 
             service of a parkland over the safety of the residents of 
             Malden Manor.  I'm sure everyone is aware that just a few 
             weeks ago in New Mexico there was a pipeline disaster in a 
             campground.  The report from the news was that in the 
             pipeline disaster twelve people were incinerated, six at the 
             park and others died in the hospital. 
                       The reporter revealed these statistics:   Since 
             1986, there have been an average of one pipeline accident per 
             day, 5700 accidents, resulting in 325 deaths and 1500 
             injuries.  The government agency responsible for the 
             inspections of the pipeline admits that they are many, many 
             years behind in doing their inspections. 
                       I ask the Review Board to remove the Village of 
             Maldon Manor as a route for this pipeline.  It seems strange 
             to put a pipeline under residential streets which are 
             repeatedly, and we all know that, we pave the streets and a 
             few days later Malden Electric will come to rip it up to do 
             some work.  The telephone company, water, people who do 
             renovations in their homes disturb the street.  It's a risk 
             that there is no need for us to take.  You have a parkland, 
             you have a golf course, it will go through an area that there 
             is very little usage, no residential homes.  The danger of 
             anything happening to the pipeline and hurting someone is 
             very far remote.  It's not a campground where people are 
             going to be on a regular basis.  
                       It seems completely unreasonable for anyone to give 
             consideration of using the Malden Manor streets to put a 
             pipeline that can easily go through, to be nice about it, go 
             through a parkland.  I think the only advantage that we'll 
             see of them going through the parkland is maybe it will be 
             cleaned up and maybe some of the golf course will be restored 
             a little bit better than it is. 
                       I implore and I ask them to please reconsider using 
             Malden Manor as a route and just remove us from the list.  
                       Thank you

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