THE COURT:  Are we ready to proceed, Mr. Philips?
                       MR. PHILIPS: Yes, your Honor. 
             BY MR. PHILIPS:
                  Q.   Tell us, Mr. Tyler, why did you strike 
             Mr. Bartholomew twice with a stick and then a third time?
                  A.   I was attempting at first to defend myself.  Then 
             he kept advancing and wouldn't stop.  I saw the knife and 
             became scared, so I decided right then it was him or me.  
                       MS. DELANEY:  I object, the witness is answering as 
             to a state of mind. 
                       THE COURT:  Sustained. 
                  Q.   When you hit Mr. Bartholomew the first time, were 
             you hoping to deter his advances and throw him off guard? 
                  A.   Yes. 
                  Q.   Why did you hit him a second and then a third time? 
                  A.   He kept coming at me and he was slashing at me with 
             the knife.  
                       MS. DELANEY:  Objection, the witness is 
             volunteering information not asked for in the question. 
                       THE COURT:  Mr. Taylor, please try to limit your 
             responses to the precise question that is posed to you.  
             Objection sustained. 
                       MR. PHILIPS:  I will try it a different way. 
                  Q.   You said Mr. Bartholomew kept coming at you.  Did 
             you take the knife away from him? 
                  A.   No.  His wife, Darla, was able to get it away from 
             him somehow.  
                       MS. DELANEY:  I move that the unresponsive portions 
             be stricken, your Honor. 
                       THE COURT:  Yes.  The jury will disregard the 
             nonresponsive portions of the answer. 
                  Q.   Did she give the knife to you? 
                  A.   No, Darla gave the knife to her son, Dave. 
                  Q.   Did you see what Dave did with the weapon, the 
                  A.   No. 
                  Q.   Describe the knife, to the best of your 
                  A.   Well, it had a wooden handle.  The total knife was 
             about ten to twelve inches in length, the blade being about 
             six or seven inches long. 
                  Q.   Have you ever seen a knife of this type before? 
                  A.   Yes.  It looked like a butcher knife or carving 
                  Q.   Mr. Taylor, please try to tell us the type of 
             clothing you were wearing on the night of this confrontation 
             with Mr. Bartholomew. 
                  A.   I had on jeans, a leather vest, boots and a 
                  Q.   Were you wearing gloves that night? 
                  A.   No, my riding gloves were in my back pocket. 
                       MR. PHILIPS:  Your Honor, I would like to bring  
             People's Exhibit 1 to the stand and examine all of the 
             contents of that box with the witness, Mr. Taylor. 
                       THE COURT:  Have you previously examined the 
             contents of this box, Ms. Delaney? 
                       MS. DELANEY:  Yes, I have, your Honor. 
                       THE COURT:  All right, Mr. Phillips, you may 
                  Q.   Turning your attention to this cardboard box, 
             Mr. Taylor, I will begin to remove each of the items one by 
             one.  Could you please tell us what this is? 
                  A.   Yes.  That is my T-shirt. 
                  Q.   Prior to the time of this assault by 
             Mr. Bartholomew, was this cut present on the back portion of 
             this T-shirt? 
                  A.   No, it was not. 
                       MR. PHILIPS:  Your Honor, I would like to offer 
             this in evidence as People's A1.  1A, excuse me.  
                       MS. DELANEY:  No objection, your Honor. 
                       MR. PHILIPS:  The T-shirt will be received as 
             People's 1A, your Honor? 
                       THE COURT:  Yes, it will. 
                  Q.   Mr. Taylor, are these the pants that you had on on 
             that date? 
                  A.   Yes, they are. 
                  Q.   These pants or jeans appear to have a rip at the 
             top.  Was that rip there prior to the assault? 
                  A.   No. 
                  Q.   Was this brown stain, which appears to be blood, on 
             here prior to the assault?  
                       MS. DELANEY:  Objection.  Mr. Philips is putting 
             his interpretation on what the brown stain appears to be. 
                       THE COURT:  I will allow it.  Overruled.  Can you 
             answer the question? 
                       THE WITNESS:  I don't remember the question, your 
                       THE COURT:  Mr. Philips, please repeat the 
                  Q.   Was this brown stain which appears to be blood on 
             here prior to the assault? 
                  A.   No. 
                       MR. PHILIPS:  I will offer these in evidence as 
             People's Exhibit 1B. 
                       THE COURT:  Ms. Delaney?
                       MS. DELANEY:  No objection. 
                       THE COURT:  Received in evidence as People's 1B. 
                  Q.   What is this item? 
                  A.   That is my vest. 
                  Q.   Again, referring to the torn portion on the back, 
             surrounded by blood stains.  Was that vest torn and stained 
             prior to the day of this assault? 
                  A.   No. 
                       MR. PHILIPS:  Your Honor, I will offer this vest as 
             People's 1C. 
                       MS. DELANEY:  No objection. 
                       THE COURT:  It will be received in evidence as 
             People's Exhibit 1C. 
                  Q.   After this assault, what occurred, to the best of 
             your recollection? 
                  A.   I was taken to the hospital by the New York City 
                  Q.   Were you accompanied by anyone else to the 
                  A.   No. 
                  Q.   Was anyone else at the scene of this attack taken 
             to the hospital? 
                  A.   Not to my knowledge.  I was in shock, though.  I 
             wouldn't really remember. 
                       MS. DELANEY:  I request that the jury be instructed 
             to disregard the nonresponsive portions. 
                       THE COURT:  The jury will so disregard everything 
             after "not to my knowledge".
                       MR. PHILIPS:  No further questions. 
                       THE COURT:  Ms. Delaney?
                       MS. DELANEY:  Thank you, your Honor. 
             BY MS. DELANEY:
                  Q.   Mr. Taylor, would you consider yourself and 
             Mr. Bartholomew friends?
                       MR. PHILIPS:  Objection, irrelevant. 
                       THE COURT:  Overruled. 
                  A.   No. 
                  Q.   How long have you known Mr. Bartholomew? 
                  A.   For over three years.
                  Q.   How is it that you know him? 
                  A.   Through local government in the City of New York. 

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