Q.   Dr. Johnson, we ended with the December 
                    operation.  I just wanted to ask you a few brief 
                    questions.  Who did you call first to assist you? 
                            A.   I didn't make a special call.  Who I called 
                    first?  I don't have any -- there's, I guess there's about 
                    sixteen doctors that are usually around, and it was a 
                    Sunday afternoon.  I didn't get anyone.  I'm not sure how 
                    many calls I made, but I made quite a few. 
                            Q.   You don't recall which doctor you called?
                            A.   No, eight years ago? 
                            Q.   Dr. Bow, then, was not the first doctor you 
                            A.   No. 
                            Q.   What time did you reach Dr. Bow? 
                            A.   I don't know. 
                            Q.   Had you called other doctors prior to Dr. Bow 
                    who had experience in vascular surgery?
                            A.   I am not really sure.  I just called 
                    everybody I could. 
                            Q.   Dr. Johnson, I just wanted to go over a 
                    couple of other things.  You mentioned that this 
                    particular record in April for the April 1994 operation on 
                    Patient F was dictated approximately seven and a half 
                            A.   And that's what it says.
                            Q.   That's according to the operation? 
                            A.   That's what it says. 
                            Q.   That's an accurate rendition of your 
                                 MR. CLARK:  What he just said was just what 
                    it says. 
                            A.   My testimony is that's what the papers say. 
                            Q.   The reason is I just want to make sure the 
                    record heard one complete question and then get the 
                    answer.  The records we have gone over so far, is it your 
                    position that you dictated these records within 24 hours, 
                    those operative records?
                            A.   I thought that I had dictated this chart. 
                            Q.   Doctor, I am sorry, the question that I asked 
                    is, the other patients, not Patient F, but the other 
                    patients that we have discussed so far is it your position 
                    that you dictated those within 24 hours? 
                            A.   No, that's not my position.  I am not sure 
                    when I dictated these, but I thought that I had dictated 
                    this one that morning. 
                            Q.   But on Patient D the operation was done on 
                    December 27, 1994.  And is it a fact you dictated the 
                    record May 5, 1994, approximately five months later? 
                            A.   Again, I can't say that that's really what 
                    the fact is.  I can't say that the first dictation was not 
                    24 hours after the case.  I can't say that this is the 
                    original dictation or not a redictation. 
                            Q.   On Patient D, you are saying that the 
                    dictation done on May 5th, 1995 was not your original 
                            A.   I am saying it may be a second dictation.  It 
                    does not have to be the first dictation of this particular 
                            Q.   I am asking you about Patient D. 
                            A.   That's what I'm saying. 
                            Q.   Do you have any recollection that you had to 
                    redictate that note? 
                            A.   No, I don't. 
                            Q.   What are you saying, then; that this May 5 
                    dictation may be a subsequent dictation and not the 
                    original the dictation? 
                            A.   Because it's an awful long time after the 
                            Q.   Is there any indication in your record that 
                    there was a redictation? 
                            A.   There was nothing in the chart that showed 
                    that there was not a -- that there was no -- there's 
                    nothing in the chart to indicate that this is anything but 
                    the dictation that pertains to this chart.
                            Q.   And that was five months after the operation?
                            A.   According to this paper.  But I don't know, 
                    recall waiting five months to dictate on any of these 
                            Q.   What about Patient B?  That operation was on 
                    January 23rd, 1995.  You didn't dictate an operative 
                    report until March 29, 1995, two months after the 
                            A.   I have to give you the same answer.  All I 
                    know is that I did not, I was not suspended from the 
                    hospital.  According to their bylaws within two weeks I 
                    should have been suspended.  I should not have been 
                    allowed to do surgery or to assist or to participate in 
                    coverage of the emergency room. 
                            Q.   But there is no indication in your records or 
                    even in your recollection that this was a redictation on 
                    Patient B, is there? 
                            A.   No, my recollection is that I have redictated 
                    things because they have been misplaced. 
                            Q.   You don't have any recollection whether it 
                    was in the Patient D situation or the Patient B? 
                            A.   I do not know that this pertains to any of 
                    these eight cases, and many of these cases go back ten 
                            Q.   And in Patient B there was another operation 
                    on March 12, 1995, and again there was no dictation there 
                    until April 18th, over a month later, isn't that right? 
                            A.   According to the paper. 
                            Q.   Doctor, you mentioned that this operative 
                    report on Patient F was dictated seven and a half months 
                    subsequent to the operation? 
                            A.   Right. 
                            Q.   Did you dictate this report? 
                            A.   I am not sure. 
                            Q.   You have no recollection of who dictated this 
                    operative report? 
                            A.   I know I dictated that operative report.  I 
                    may have dictated twice that operative report. 
                            Q.   I am asking you, Doctor, to review pages 54, 
                    55, 56 and 57.  I am asking you to review those pages and 
                    after you review those pages, please, tell this panel 
                    whether or not you dictated those pages. 
                                 MR. CLARK:  Why don't you look at them? 
                            A.   I don't think I dictated these records.
                            Q.   Who dictated these records? 
                            A.   I can't tell who dictated these operative 
                            Q.   Doctor, have you ever had the situation where 
                    someone else at Nyack Hospital has dictated your operative 
                            A.   Not to to my recollection, not to my 
                            Q.   Directing your attention to the bottom of 
                    page 54, 55 and 56 and the middle of page 57.  There is a 
                    signature on those pages.  Whose signature that? 
                            A.   There is -- all the signatures look 
                    different.  They look like any could be mine but I would 
                    not attest to that. 
                            Q.   Do you have any recollection of signing these 
                            A.   In the course of a year in those days I did 
                    anywhere from 300 to 350 cases and I signed the charts.  
                    Now, these particular charts, these papers here, I 
                    certainly don't, didn't read them, if I did sign them. 
                            Q.   And it is your position and you expect this 
                    panel and you want this panel to believe that someone else 
                    dictated these operative reports, this very lengthy 
                    operative report?  You did not read somebody else's 
                    dictation, but you signed your name to this dictation? 
                            A.   I am not saying that this is my signature, 
                            Q.   You want this panel to believe, then, that a 
                    four page operative note was dictated with your name as 
                    the surgeon, you did not read those four pages and someone 
                    else may have signed your signature, although the 
                    signature looks like your signature?
                                 MR. CLARK:  Objection.  It was asked and 
                    answered, it's the same people who didn't provide the