MS. KRAMER:   The Department would like to put in 
             as Department Exhibit 7 a copy of a computer printout of 
             Mr. Ian Walker's driving license. 
                       THE WITNESS:  Can I take a look at this?  What is 
             this they established? 
                       MR. BEANE:  It's a printout of your driver's 
             license, with all your convictions.   
                       THE WITNESS:  Well, I never claimed that I never 
             got a moving violation, I just said I don't have any 
             outstanding parking tickets and I never was convicted.  There 
             was a moving violation that I paid, you know.  They're not 
                       THE COURT:   The record will reflect what you had 
             said, which I thought was that you didn't even have parking 
             violations, which is less serious than the moving violations.  
                       Three pages as offered I'll accept into evidence. 
                       MR. BEAN:  The first page is a group search.  When 
             you first put in a name it runs through all the names and you 
             cross search it.
                       THE COURT:   I heard what you said.  The three 
             pages will be Exhibit 7. 
                       Anything else Ms. Kramer?
             BY MS. KRAMER:   
                  Q.   I have a few more questions. 
                       Mr. Walker, let's talk a bit more about August Moon 
             Center.  When exactly did you start this venture, this candy 
                  A.   I had started it sometime in '97. 
                  Q.   When exactly in '97?  Summer?  Spring?  Winter? 
                  A.   It would be the winter. 
                  Q.   Winter of '97? 
                  A.   Mm-hmm.
                       THE COURT:   Spell the name of that company?
                       MS. KRAMER:   It's listed on the forms that have 
             been submitted in evidence, almost all the claim forms were 
             faxed from August Moon Center.
                       THE COURT:   Okay.
                  Q.   Okay, so winter of '97.  And is it currently in 
                  A.   No, no, it's been closed.
                  Q.   When did it close?
                  A.   It closed in October.
                  Q.   October of what year?
                  A.   This year.  No, not this year, last year.
                  Q.   2000.
                  A.   Yes, 2000.
                  Q.   All right, then, who owned it?
                  A.   It was in my name.
                  Q.   It was in your name.  Just your name? 
                  A.   Yes. 
                  Q.   Did you have any partners? 
                  A.   I had some partners, but they couldn't, they 
             couldn't go through the process, because they had no 
             background or anything like that. 
                  Q.   So it was a sole proprietorship, you were the 
             owner.  Where is it located? 
                  A.   It used to be on Elders Avenue. 
                  Q.   Where on Elders? 
                  A.   831 Elders Avenue. 
                  Q.   And you're saying from winter of '97 to when it 
             closed in October of 2000, you never filed any taxes? 
                  A.   No, because never made any money.
                  Q.   Did you file any personal taxes yourself, did you 
             file taxes? 
                  A.   No. 
                  Q.   You didn't file taxes for '97? 
                  A.   Oh, '97? 
                  Q.   Yes. 
                  A.   Yes, I was still employed  in '97. 
                  Q.   Okay, did you file taxes for '98? 
                  A.   Yes, I think I did.  Not '99 or 2000. 
                  Q.   What did you do at August Moon Center? 
                  A.   What do you mean, what did I do? 
                  Q.   What did you do?  When you would go there, what 
             time did you go there?  Were you at the cash register?  Did 
             you fix the shelves? 
                  A.   No, I just go there to see them close, that's it. 
                  Q.   What do you mean you go to see them close? 
                  A.   I go there to see them close up. 
                  Q.   You mean you helped them count the money? 
                  A.   No, I didn't help them count the money.
                  Q.   What did you do to help them close?
                  A.   I pull the gate down. 
                  Q.   You were there for two hours in the evening? 
                  A.   Yeah, I would just stand outside.  I would stand 
             outside, that's all. 
                  Q.   Did other people come and fax their documents at 
             this August Moon Center? 
                  A.   Not while I was there in the evening, but probably, 
             I don't know what happened in the daytime. 
                  Q.   So that the photocopying machine, was it used by 
             other people who came into the store?
                  A.   I would speculate so, but I don't know. 
                  Q.   How much did you pay each time you faxed a 
                  A.   It was a dollar.  A dollar for local and this one 
             was I think, yes, a dollar for that fax, yes. 
                  Q.   I see.  What year did you start paying this $70 in 
             child support every week? 
                  A.   I can't remember right now. 
                  Q.   Has it been three years?  Has it been two years?  
             Has it been a year? 
                  A.   It may be three years. 
                  Q.   Three years; '98? 
                  A.   Maybe three, four years.  I don't know. 
                  Q.   Give me a year.  '98, '97? 
                  A.   When I started paying child support? 
                  Q.   Right, when the decision was made that you'd pay 
             $70 every two weeks. 
                  A.   Maybe in '95, I'm not sure.  I could be wrong.  
             Could be '96 somewhere around there, I'm not sure. 
                  Q.   Are your wages being garnished or do you make the 
                  A.   I make the payments.  I don't have any wages, so I 
             have to make the payments. 
                       MR. BEANE:  What avenues is August Moon between?
                       THE COURT:   Hold on, hold on.  Don't ask 
             questions.  If you have a question, it has to go through 
                       MR. BEANE:  Excuse me.
             BY MS. KRAMER:   
                  Q.   Mr. Walker, who paid the rent on August Moon Center 
             located at 831 Elders Avenue? 
                  A.   They paid the rent. 
                  Q.   How did they come by the money to pay the rent? 
                  A.   From whatever they got from the business. 
                  Q.   I thought you said you didn't make any money? 
                  A.   After you pay the rent, you don't make any money. 
                  Q.   Whose name was on the lease? 
                  A.   My name. 
                  Q.   Did you ever file any corporation papers for August 
                  A.   Yes. 
                  Q.   When you made your payments on the lease, were they 
             by check or by money order? 
                  A.   No, they were by check. 
                  Q.   Whose name was on the check? 
                  A.   August Moon. 
                  Q.   And who signed? 
                  A.   I did sign. 
                  Q.   Do you have your sole proprietorship documents for 
             August Moon? 
                  A.   The company is closed.  Do you mean if I could 
             locate it or something like that? 
                  Q.   Right. 
                  A.   I don't have it with me right now. 
                  Q.   Because obviously if you were employed, even if 
             it's self-employed, you had no right to be making these 
                  A.   I was not employed, because I never worked at that 
             place, you know.  I had a girlfriend and we set this place 
             up, hoping that if it can turn some profit then we would have 
             a way of getting some income.  That never materialized, and 
             we had to just let it go by. 
                  Q.   So for about two years you had this organization, 
             this company, you never informed the insurance company? 
                  A.   Well, I was not employed there, okay? 
                  Q.   But you owned it? 
                  A.   Well, my name was on the papers, I did it for my 
             girlfriend.  I thought she could do that, we'd have something 
             going, but it never materialized. 
                  Q.   Do you have a copy of the lease for August Moon? 
                  A.   No.
                       MS. KRAMER:   I don't have any more questions.
                       THE COURT:   I don't see it in the exhibits.  Maybe 
             you can show me exactly where that name is.
                       MS. KRAMER:   It's at the top. 
                       THE COURT:  August Moon Center.   Any questions, 
             Mr. Beane?
                       MR. BEANE:  I don't have anything to ask.
                       THE COURT:  All right, sir, you may step down.  
             Thank you.