Q.   Can you give me some indication of your, or 
                    describe for me your present employment? 
                            A.   Yes, I work as a technical services 
                    representative for Willis Finance Corporation.
                            Q.   Where are they located?
                            A.   The headquarters of the technical department 
                    is in San Diego, California, and the main administrative 
                    offices are in Richmond, Virginia. 
                            Q.   What office do you work out of? 
                            A.   I work out of my home.  I'm on the road 
                            Q.   How many people are employed by Willis?
                            A.   I believe forty.
                            Q.   How long have you been employed by Willis? 
                            A.   Six months. 
                            Q.   Do you do much the same work now as you did 
                    when you were first employed? 
                            A.   To a degree, yes, but it's much more 
                            Q.   Tell me about when you were hired by Willis, 
                    when Willis first engaged your services.
                            A.   I was hired about eight months ago and then 
                    went to work for them about six months ago. 
                            Q.   And what was the reason for the delay between 
                    your being hired and your going to work? 
                            A.   I had been working another job and I wanted 
                    to give my previous employer enough time. 
                            Q.   What was the name of your previous employer? 
                            A.   I'm drawing a blank on that.  I'm sorry. 
                            Q.   Let's come back to it.  Tell me the nature of 
                    your work when you were first engaged by Willis? 
                            A.   I was technical services representative.