Glossary of Economic terms

 macroeconomics macroeconomy marginal analysis marginal cost marginal factor cost
marginal physical product marginal product marginal-productivity theory marginal propensity to consume marginal propensity to save
marginal returns marginal revenue marginal revenue product marginal revenue product curve market shock
marginal utility marginal utility-price ratio market market analysis market-based economy
market clearing market control market demand market disequilibrium market equilibrium
market failure market share market structure market supply market transaction
materials measure of value medium of exchange merger micro goals
microeconomic policy microeconomics midpoint formula migration minimum efficient scale
minimum wage mixed economy mobility model monetarism
monetary aggregate monetary authority monetary policy monetary unit money
money characteristics money creation money demand money functions money market
money multiplier money supply monopoly monopoly profit monopolistic competition
monopsonistic competition monopsony moral suasion multiplier mutual savings bank
national income natural monopoly natural resources natural unemployment near money
near-public good need needs standard net domestic product net-export effect
net exports net national product net worth nominal nominal gross domestic product
nominal production nominal wage nonbank public non-counterfeitable nondurable
 normal good normal profit normative economics number of buyers number of sellers

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